Abstract Deviance (AD) - A Creative Collective of musicians and artists with genres spanning from Experimental, Ambient, and Trip-Hop music, to Abstract, Psychedelic and Graffiti Artwork, to Alternative, Psychedelic and Conscious Hip-Hop, and more as AD grows.

As a group of artistic individuals, we represent the possibility of a world where every single person is allowed to come together, be themselves and express themselves as they want. Be that beliefs, likes/dislikes, the way you dress yourself, or the way you present yourself to others. It begins with taking steps to make this possibility a reality, even while in a society based around conformity.


Amir Strong - Founder | Songwriter | Emcee | Producer
"Uniquely United"

"I want to be a positive change that can reconstruct the world as we know it. When listening to "certain" artists it's difficult to relate to their music, so initially I decided to make music for myself and the love of the art. When you experience the work I've done, you can feel or even sense that material items don't motivate me. The love of my family, and the people that believe in me is present in every line, verse and chorus of this art. This is the reason why I established Abstract Deviance - to uplift the people around me. To motivate others to express themselves and reveal to the world that we are unique!"

Jajah - Abstract Artist|Painter
"Perspective Is Reality"

Jajah is a Houston-based artist that currently works out of a studio on the Project Row Houses campus. His practice draws from illustrative line work and mural painting as an investigation of negative space. The influence of wall painting is present in Jajah’s broad sweeping gestures and continuous layering of colors. Constantly re-working the surfaces of his paintings, Jajah creates mazes of line and color that are both geometric and organic. These mazes are quickly covered with other forms, acting as negative space that is continuously re-worked and re-conceptualized. Though they are largely abstract, Jajah’s works do contain some recognizable elements, such as decontextualized body parts. These forms help pull the pieces together and allow the viewer to create images out of the line work. Jajah welcomes open interpretation of his paintings, noting that viewers can think many different things when looking at a single piece.



Naam - Composer|Producer|Artist
"Ethereal Explorer"

"I am Naam McClinton simply put. My body is down to earth, but my mind wonders the universe. Art to me is a form a creation. I make art simply to create what I want, what I see, what I think about. Art is the most powerful tool used for reality, fantasy, spirituality, religion, mind-control, deception, love, and monetary purposes. Now there are few who use art for good reasons. Then there are those for example who aim to separate themselves used art to exploit the mind with intentions of misguiding or misleading the masses. I aim to bring truth to the masses and truth to the people who deceived us. I believe with the proper skills and creativity and love art can be used for its true purpose - To cure this world of evil."

Olly Bold - Musician

"Spells, Safe, Safehouse, Safety, Gem , Patient, Castle, Locked, Unlocked, Angels, Trinity, Call on me.
I don't like saying a lot i'll rather express myself through the music and what visions get spread during the moment. Listen to the music and tag along for the journey."


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